Mexico, Riviera Maya – Grand Palladium Resort & Spa

Last updated on 10-Mar-2021

Distances to the beautiful beach | Distâncias até a praia

Hello, everyone! Another throwback Thursday post covering a trip in December 2016.

This time we went to a resort in the beautiful Riviera Maya, Mexico. We got a vacation package for this trip (flight, transfers, and all-inclusive accommodation included). The flight from Toronto to Cancun is about 4h, and after going through immigration and customs, we got to the transfer bus that took us to the resort (about 1h from the airport).

The Grand Palladium complex includes four sister resorts: Kantenah, Colonial, White Sand, and Riviera. We had booked the Kantenah, but were given a room in the Colonial section when we checked in. Our room in the Colonial section actually had a nice location, near the “Secret” Adult Pool, not far from the beach, and a short walking distance from the two lobbies and all the amenities.

The resort was nice, with lush grounds and well-decorated common areas. Large enough to have plenty of options, but not so big to make it a chore to go from one side to the other. We were there over the holidays, and they had a nice celebration dinner on Christmas Eve and a special lunch on Christmas day. We left before New Year’s Eve, but I’m sure they did something lovely for that as well. We especially enjoyed our meals at the Japanese restaurant (we sat at the sushi bar), the Mexican, and the Thai restaurant.

White Sand & Riviera lagoon

The Riviera and White Sand sections are set around a huge lagoon, where boats take guests around, and with bridges crossing to/from the buildings and amenities.

This was not our first visit to the area, so we decided not to go on any excursions, just enjoy the good weather, the sea and sand, “work” on our tan, and relax for a few days, and this was a great resort to do just that!


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  1. wow, beach hammock was a plus!!! beautiful place and amazing location. for me the beach is always the most important “item” when choosing a resort. cheers,

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